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Your Path to Rewards

Initial Step: The first 1-5 referrals earn you $10 each. Kickstart your journey!

Engagement Leap: Referrals 6-10 boost your earnings with $20 each. Build momentum!

Growth Surge: For referrals 11-20, the reward jumps to $30 each. Reach higher!

Loyalty Peak: Beyond 21 referrals, it's $40 for each signup. Achieve greatness!

How It Works

Sign Up: Fill out the form on the left. Your phone number is your key to rewards.

Refer: Share your phone number with friends. They use it to sign up.

Earn: Each successful signup credited to your number boosts your rewards.

Begin Your Climb

Step into a rewarding journey where every referral counts. Your network, your rewards. Let's start ascending today!